Check out our large selection of rentals! Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and there is so much to see and do here while you are on holiday.

Renting a car gives you the freedom to visit everything you want to and makes it easy to plan day trips and excursions, visit antiquities or go to the beach or even do some shopping, whenever you feel like it. We have a huge selection of rentals for you to choose from which will accommodate your needs.

Whether you’re visiting Crete with your family, friends, partner or on your own, we have a vehicle to suit your needs – from city/sub-compact cars and hatchbacks & cabrios to mini vans, SUVs, sports cars– and everything in-between.

Select a vehicle roomy enough for your co-passengers and their luggage, go for the thrill of a performance car, or an open-top so you can enjoy the Cretan sun, or maybe an 4x4 off-roader if you are feeling adventurous. We have the whole range!

Wherever and however you like to travel, when you rent a car from us in Crete, you can travel in style. We have cars to suit all tastes and budgets. Look through our range below to find out more or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Group A - Mini

Group B - Economy

Group K - Mini Automatic

Group O - Mini Open Top

Group O1 - Mini Open Top Automatic

Group C - Medium

Group C1 - Medium Diesel

Group D - Sedan

Group E - Station Wagon

Group L - Medium Automatic

Group M - Sedan Automatic

Group F - Mini vans

Group F1 - Mini vans

Group P - Mini vans Automatic

Group G1 - Mini Bus

Group Q - Mini Bus Automatic

Group D1 - Crossover

Group J1- Off Road 4x4

Group J3 - SUV's

Group J5 - SUV's Automatic

Group J6 - SUV's A/T Automatic

Group N - Convertible

Group E1 -Sedan LUX

Group E2 - Hatchback LUX

Group E3 - Sedan Lux Automatic

Group J4 - Luxury SUV's Manual

Group J7 - Luxury SUV's Automatic

Group N1 - Luxury Convertible

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